The High School Core Curriculum

Our education is ordered to our students most fundamental physical, intellectual and moral needs Рphysical fitness, strength of mind and strong moral character. Our physical education program is a true fitness program focusing on good nutrition, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina through a program of calisthenics and crossfit training. The intellectual virtues are developed through Socratic dialogue, seminar-style instruction, and guided tutorials in The Great Books of the Western World.  Students are formed in moral virtue through direct instruction, the example of SMS faculty and staff and, vicariously, through the exemplars our student encounter in the reading of good and great books.

Also part of the SMS core curriculum are, music, art, drama. SMS art, music and drama programs promote student personal development through the experience of beauty in the fine arts.


  • MathGeometry, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus
  • Latin – ¬†Latin I (Grammar) Latin II (Caesar), Latin III (Cicero) Latin IV (Virgil)
  • Science – Natural Philosophy (Earth Science), Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Literature Ancient, Medieval, American, Modern
  • Religion Church History, Fundamentals of Catholicism I, Fund. of Cath. II. Fund. of Cath. III
  • History – Ancient, Medieval, American, Modern
  • Composition Comp. I (Grammar, Usage, Mechanics) Comp. II (Elements of Composition.) Comp. III (Advanced Composition) Comp. IV (Elements of Style)
  • Senior Thesis – Independent research, writing, presentation and defense
  • Physical Education Calisthenics/Crossfit based physical fitness


    The High School Co-Curriculum

    Complementing the SMS core curriculum is the co-curriculum. Here are activities and initiatives that run alongside the academic core and support the foundation laid in the core curriculum. Recognizing the capacity of team sports to promote the moral and physical virtues, SMS pursues excellence through its basketball and soccer programs. Complementary academic electives in the core subjects allow students to delve more deeply into particular areas addressed in the core curriculum.

    The High School Extra-Curriculum

    The extra curriculum provides opportunities for students to gather socially, participate in wholesome activities and cultivate friendships. SMS Saturday Nights allows students a venue to play board games, watch and discuss critically acclaimed films, recite poetry, perform skits and showcase personal talents. The SMS apostolate Disciples of Christ provides opportunities for the students to practice the corporeal and spiritual works of mercy. SMS Internships provide students opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our internship program allows SMS juniors and seniors to experiment with different career choices while still in school, identify talents and interests, and begin their professional networking.

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    Hark! The Herald

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