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Dress Code

Uniform Dress Code Kindergarten-8th grade Saint Michael School Uniform Philosophy –The use of uniforms has several significant benefits. They promote the mindset that school is a special place with special expectations. Uniforms help to develop and enhance school...

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Thank You – Drum Creative!

     We would like to express our sincere thanks to Drum Creative for aiding SMS in the development of its vibrant new website. In particular, we would like to thank Joe LaPenna, CEO of Drum Creative for taking on and fast-tracking our project, and Ben Moffett for his oversight of the project. Special thanks to Johnny Petersen for his theme development and design work, his helpful feedback on site elements, and his prompt response to requests for edits.

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Mr. Bill Steele – Thank You

St. Michael Catholic School would like to express its profound gratitude to Mr. Bill Steele, who generously volunteered to come to school, on short notice, to take some of the beautiful images on our new website. Well done!, Mr. Steele.

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Introducing… SMS Saturday Night!

New this year is SMS Saturday Night. SMS Saturday Night is a venue for SMS high school students to gather socially, relax and enjoy some recreation with their friends and classmates. Among the activities planned are movies, games and dancing. Students are encouraged to showcase their talents and to perform skits, musical recitals, juggling displays and comedy routines.

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Education for Freedom

Liberal education is education for freedom. In its Latin origins the term education signifies a “leading out” – as such, liberal education leads the student out of the captivity of ignorance, prejudice and error and into a life of knowledge and understanding, culminating in wisdom and realized in freedom.

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New Faculty

We are pleased to introduce to you Mr. Joshua Dionne (pronounced dye-on). Mr. Dionne is a native of New Hampshire and a graduate of Thomas More College in Merrimack, NH. Mr. Dionne will join the high school faculty and teach primarily high school courses, but will also teach in the middle school.

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Summer Reading Challenge

The SMS Summer Reading Challenge is entering its last few weeks and will end at 6:00 PM on August 29th. A reminder to all Challenge participants that they must submit a list of the titles they have read to Mr. Duchaney, no later than 6:00 PM on August 29th; his email is

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Ready for the Future?

Catholic Classical Education for the 21st Century